Review in “Museums Journal”

Review by Tim Redfern in Museums Journal Jan 2016, p56:

“Vincent eloquently provides a social background and context to the process of organising working groups. The fact that he covers the period from the 1950s onwards makes the narrative all the more compelling. What is also striking about the book is that it feels like it won’t go out of date, which is refreshing when you are looking at policy and practice …

The book gives a rich chronology of key events and movements, supplemented with hard facts; social context precedes key examples, followed by what was learned. It concludes with a list of useful appendices, including hot topics and issues around queer terminology as well as recent events.” [Excerpt]

“Preparing for LGBT History Month – our top tips”

Blogpost by Liz Chapman and John Vincent:

LGBT History Month – which is celebrated in February in the UK – is almost upon us! If you haven’t planned anything yet, it’s not too late to pull something together! Here are our top tips, based on Liz’s PhD research and John’s experience as a trainer and writer on diversity in libraries, as well as our personal experiences as queer library users. We’ve also included some longer-term ideas so that you can plan for next year, as well as for other queer-themed events and milestones that you can celebrate in the library. These might include Pride (usually held in the summer) and the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, which decriminalised (male) homosexuality.” [Excerpt]